Stamps paint, rice paper, various sizes
The work is created with airport stamps found in the building of Bakharevka, the former central airport of the local airlines in the Perm region.
Before this type of communication between settlements became history, there were approximately 50 airports in the Perm region. The flights between these airports were provided by the Antonov An-2 single-engine biplane aircraft, commonly known as "Annushka" or "kukuruznik"— a corn crop-duster. The stamps were used to mark the place where the ticket was sold. You can see the names of the settlements on the stamps up close. When viewed from a distance, the prints are assembled into a landscape of one of those settlements, from which one could fly the AN-2 aircraft.
Unnamed. Ink, rice paper, 138x214 cm. 2021
Unnamed_001. Ink, rice paper, 138x365 cm. 2021
Unnamed_002. Ink, acrylic spray paint, rice paper, 138x292 cm. 2021
Unnamed_003. Ink, rice paper, 136x140 cm. 2021
Unnamed_004. Ink, rice paper, 138x146 cm. 2021