Place of memory
Curator Marina Pugina
Laboratory of contemporary art "Dom gruzchika", Perm, Russia
The exhibition "Place of Memory" is a project dedicated to the exploration of personal geography. In the process of work, the artist collected his memories piece by piece, constructing the exhibition space as an integral story from installations based on documentary materials and artistic images.
Here, both actual artistic objects are presented - paintings, graphics, video art, as well as documentary materials: old things, photographs, videos from personal archives - all in order to experiment with different ways the artist works with memory. In the exhibition space, documentary video is combined with other found objects into an installation, video art presents a reconstruction of past practices (children's games), and there is unaltered foundation art as opposed to a map - a graphic object created specifically for the exhibition and collecting all the stories together.
"Geography lessons", video, 3:08, 2016.
"Plays with fire", video, 2:42, 2016.
Artist's book "Place of memory", A5, 31 pieces, 2016.