Exhibition. Artist's book Presentation
Pereletniy kabak gallery , Moscow, Russia
Photos: Anna Denisova
Alexey Shigalev's book includes research materials on the history of the collapse of small aviation in the Perm region and artifacts from the artist's personal archive. It includes documentation of Alexey's personal exhibition - "Invisible Horizon of the Observer" (curator M. Pugina), held in January 2018 in Perm. The intermediate result of the work on the book was the exhibition "An-2" in the Hinterconti Gallery in Hamburg (Germany) in May 2018.

The project "An-2" is dedicated to the story of the author's growing up in the remote village of Ust-Chernaya in Perm Krai. Now it is possible to get to this hard-to-reach settlement only by car. In Soviet times there was a local air service - a network connected small towns such as Ust-Chernaya with the center of the region - the city of Perm. This air-communication was called "small aviation," because the transportation was carried out by small An-2 planes. In many parts of the Soviet Union they successfully carried passengers until the beginning of the 1990s, when the network was destroyed for economic reasons.

This project is the first work of the artist in a genre commonly referred to as "the artist's book" and it is done in the manner characteristic of Alexey: graphics and photographs are accompanied by lyrical comments of the artist, scraps of memories. Following the "route" of the book you can see how the signs of the past flicker and disappear. This is simultaneously the path from childhood to adulthood, and the way from an almost mystical child's perception of reality to a sober analysis of the social situation in Russia. The story of the destruction of the small aviation network in Perm Krai, which used to connect small towns and villages, shows how the connections between his own past and the future are breaking down. And this work is an attempt to rebuild them by drawing attention to the stories of former pilots and the history of his own family; by working with personal and found photo archives.
Photos of Artist's book