Shchigalev Danil Antonovich
Perm, Russia
Shchigalev Danil Antonovich (1911 - 1938) - brother of my grandfather Ivan. As stated in the case file, he worked as a dispatcher in the charcoal shop of the Chusovoy timber industry enterprise. The village of Novoe Uglezhzhenie, where they lived with their family, was created as a special settlement for "former kulaks". This workshop prepared charcoal for the Chusovoy Metallurgical Plant. On December 23, 1937, Danil was arrested and sentenced to capital punishment. Until 1962, when the rehabilitation process began, my grandfather did not know where his brother was. Danil was shot on February 3, 1938 at a training ground not far from Yekaterinburg, known as "Kilometer 12". About 8,000 residents of the Perm Territory, who were posthumously rehabilitated, are buried next to the Memorial.