Introduction to Speciality
Curator Marina Pugina
Cultural Transit Foundation , Ekaterinburg, Russia
Developing the theme of "memory of the place", started last year, he continues to explore his personal geography, this time, focusing specifically on Yekaterinburg. Geolocation was chosen for a reason, because the formation of Alexey Shchigalev as an artist happened here, in parallel with his studying in UPI as an engineer. This, at first sight, is not a logical connection, it becomes even more expressive when we turn directly to the artist's works, where a clear structure breaks down the irrational, and instant inspiration takes precedence over compositional logic.

The exhibition will feature documentary photographs, video, graphics, objects and installations designed as one great impression of the artist's three-year stay in Yekaterinburg. We hope that these "compound objects" will give new meaning to the word combination "engineering art".